Hart County Water and Sewer Authority Rates:

3/4" Meter Tap fee: $1400.00 Water Deposit: $75.00 (refunded when account is closed and in good standing.)

Monthly minimum charge is $20.00 for a 3/4 meter for the first 1,000 gallons and $3.63 for each additional

Drop box available for after-hours payments by check or money order.

***Nonpayment beyond twenty (20) days from the date due will result in the water service being disconnected without notice to the customer, and in such event, the customer shall not be entitled to receive, nor HCWSA obligated to supply, any water to the property. Water service will not be reconnected until the customer’s entire balance plus the reconnect fee and deposit if HCWSA does not have, has been paid in full.

Anyone desiring water service should contact Hart County Water and Sewer Utility and inquire about availability.

HCWSA will not under any circumstances furnish water free of charge to any location or for any purpose, except for actual fire-fighting, fire personnel training, and hydrant flow testing.

Emergency Numbers: See Contact Information

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